How do you know who's ready for love and BBW dating?

If you think just posting a curvy dating profile online means someone is ready to fall in love, you're wrong. When you start looking for love on BBW dating apps for free, your biggest challenge is reading between the lines to see who is ready for a long-term BBW dating relationship.

1. What are they looking for?

Fortunately for us, there's a convenient section of the online chubby dating profile that usually says things like, "what am I looking for?" In general, many online daters are clear (and honest) about what kind of relationship they really want (or not).

That said, if someone lists "new friends" or "activity partners" they want, they're probably not looking for a serious relationship. However, it is important to look for other clues carefully, as some members may "look for connections" because she thinks it will lead to better results.
I remember one client being surprised when her date told her he wasn't in a chubby dating relationship and just wanted to be "happy." When she looked back at his profile after they broke up, she checked the "looking" section, which said he was looking for a long-term "relationship." "So what did she do wrong?" Unfortunately, she ignores some of his language in the "about me" section, which talks about looking for someone to explore the city, noting that he's "fine" if it leads to something more!

More often than not (especially if you're dating online), men say what they want to say, and they say what they want to say. When it comes to online dating, there's always the case that some people put things online that they want to be with someone forever, but they don't always mean that; But it may be a better choice than those who say they are looking for "fun late nights" or "short/casual dates."

In short, read carefully and be realistic. No matter how attractive she is, instead of making decisions based on her potential, try to understand who she is!

2.How do they describe past BBW dating relationships?

Often, members of online plus size dating apps give people who stop by their profiles a brief history of their relationships, offering hints about their past. If someone writes that they are still trying to move on from a "painful five-year on-again, off-again relationship", they may not be in the right place to start a new relationship. While we applaud them for coming out on top, it's better if a person describes their status as "newly single" or "ready to start a new curvy dating relationship after an amicable breakup."

In addition, discussing a member's unwanted profile suggests that he or she may choose the next partner based on what went wrong. For example, "no picky woman needs a response" may indicate that he thinks his ex is a high-maintenance person. However, the most important thing is not what he wants, but that he doesn't seem to really "let go".